Its been an awesome experience having gone through my first pheno hunt while using organic soil. Using StepWell soil along with the help of Kootenay Bio Soils products, including Boogie Brew tea additives, and Natures Pride top dressings. I decided to use the legendary Canadian Jordan of The Islands genetics to pay respect to our Cannabis history in Canada.

With any style of growing comes challenges. Having started my journey of growing using bottled synthetic salt based nutrients, there was definitely a learning curve to be faced. The first challenge was in knowing how often to water. After being used to having the pots dry fairly light before giving them their next feeding of salts, changing the mentality into keeping them heavier and damp was a bit tough.

I decided to use jiffy pods using just plain filtered water and my seeds. I then sat those jiffy pods in a bed of my damp soil in a 1 gallon plastic square pot. After the seedlings became big enough to develop a root system, I was finding that it would take roughly 300-500 ml of water to sufficiently keep the pot damp, without any significant run off. Run off is another component of what a synthetic salt based nutrient grower is used to having, and when I was using salts, I was practicing significant run off volume. 300-500ml in a 1 gal pot was giving me just a few drop of water poking out of the holes in the bottom of the pot. Perfect!

It wasn’t too long before those pots were looking for more and more water, and having the days in between waterings becoming fewer and fewer. In Part 2 i’ll talk more about the next few challenges I faced, starting with figuring out the lesson learned in transplanting my root system.